Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In love with your best friend..

You know what... the worst place to be in is to be in love with your own best friend.. (I mean a guy..!! sheesh u weird thinking people..!!)  You know.. the weird feeling u get when u talk to them.. I mean it in a good way. The automatic smile in your face. The sound of their voice to brighten up your day..How many people actually feel that way in today's hush hush world. LOVE - a magical feeling. I never believed in it. I'm being a hypocrite just for writing this blog.. but as they say.. "When u fall.. u fall hard face down.." 

Okay, back to the best friend story.. have you people ever seen "My Best Friend's Wedding" or "Made of Honour"...? in My Best Friend's Wedding.. Julia Roberts falls in love with her best friend and goes all out to try and break up his wedding. ( in which she sadly is , unsuccessful) and in Made of Honour the guy Patrick Demsey, becomes the maid of honour to his girl best friend who he is also in love with.. I am in the same situation.. That is. I am in love with my best friend but I practically have no guts to tell him. 

He's the best guy you can ever have.. but he's the only thing that is unreachable. I know it's inappropriate.. but sometimes when your head and heart is in conflict. You tend to lean towards your heart even however stupid it seems. I may never fall in love again. Not that I care 'cuz I love being alone. I build up walls all around me and he comes and breaks them down. Man...!! I hate that I love him so. But thanks to my so obvious no-confidence self, I decided to go the Julia Roberts way and let him be.. with the one he loves.. He'll always be my best buddy, the 3 am friend in times of need. But when time comes and it does become difficult.. The best thing to do would be to let go.

Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding: " Getting what you deserve is totally unfair. "

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