Saturday, May 21, 2011


RANG DE BASANTI -In three words,  "An awesome movie." The story is about a British documentary filmmaker who asks a group of five young men to act in her film. They agree, but after they begin filming a friend of theirs is killed in a fighter aircraft crash, with government corruption appearing to be the root cause of the incident. This event radicalizes them from being carefree to passion-driven individuals who are determined to avenge his death.

I loved the movie. It shows the different ways you can choose to live in India. You can either be silent and go with the flow of things, or stand up, take responsibility  and make a change. In the 1800s, a group of radical Indians decided not to stay quiet and suffer in the hands of the British. They stood up for their rights and made a change, or as you can say, died trying to.At that time, The British were stronger but their single act made a hell of a bang, which in turn started out the independence movement. These small revolutions made us they way we are now.. free and independent.

In today's time,do we actually think the way the freedom fighters did 80 years back...? NO, We have all become the silent types letting people decide what we ought to do and what not to. The hard efforts of our freedom fighters have gone down the drain, as we have gone back to the same old life.. governed by someone. We maybe not governed by the British anymore but we are still governed by corruption , scandals , money minded politicians... WE NEED A CHANGE..!!

My dad always says, You can never change the system..It has always been that way and it will remain that way, You have to adjust yourself to go with the system. I disagree, The system was built by people like us, We elect politicians into power and in a democratic country like ours we have the supreme power.. It is our duty to make sure we use it responsibly. We have to stand up and change it.. You may ask what difference does it make, India will always be like that. No country is perfect.. We have to make it perfect. 

Gandhi said once. " Whatever you do in your life may be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

I have a dream to be the change.. Make a difference. People laugh at me now including my own father. saying you can never be the change, but then they laughed at Gandhi too. You may call me cocky and over confident.. If I am given the chance I wont sit back and let it pass. I will BE THE CHANGE.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prasad. a.k.a THE RAPPER

The most funniest thing selva told me about this dude was his famous dialouge "YO.. WORD, YO" So my first interpretation of it was He's a wanna-be RAPPER...!! yet when I talked to him the very next day.. found out he has transformed into an emo, listening up to rascal flatts. 

This is just one among the stories you will hear about the guy.. PRASAD. He's fun, kind , helpful blah blah.. all the same stuff you hear about everyone.. You may ask, what's so special about him that I decided to dedicate a blog entry for him..?? He's one of my BEST FRIEND FOREVERs . And when it comes to my BFFs they are special, no matter what. And not to mention the fact that he wanted one written * wink*.

We study in the same school and we are active FB users. He's the kinda guy you can trust with your life. And mind you, you don't find a lot of those  these days. He's like... ummm.. let me think..,  ROSS GELLER, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character..  He uses a lot of "umm's" "eh's" and all like typical stuff  ross geller does . I never imagined I would actually be friends with the guy but now he's the advice guy or my bestie as you may call it.

Life introduces you to a wide range of people but I'm glad  I met someone like him.

To Prasad, with love

this one's just for you...!! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love You,Mom

Today is mother's day and ironically me and mom were watching kabhi kushi kabhi gham on TV  The theme about this movie is "It's all about loving your family.." It made me think. In the time of technology and the third person love in the form of boyfriends and girlfriends, are we really giving the love to our parents. Most people may say "Yeah, Obviously..!! We love them. They are the idols of our life" If you do, then great.. you're the model kid every parent asks for. But if you're like most of the world who doesn't, then think again.

Moms are the life force in this tough world. Or is it just a stereotype.? I may not be the right person to say this. As I'm the type of person who says she loves her mom the most and yet fails to show her that love. I may not be the type of  person who shows her love by a hug or words. But deep down inside me. I love my mom. And I may be screaming at her or throwing tantrums all over the place and hurting my mom the most. But she knows I love her . And she is the only inspiration.. The only string of support in this world.Without whom I would have been long gone. She is not only my mom but my best friend.

How many people in the world share that kind of a relationship with their mothers. To call them your best friend. Tell all your deep dark secrets to them. I share that kind of a relationship with my mom.

A mother suffers 8 months just to see the beauty of creation and has a sense of relief when she hears her baby's first cry from afar. She takes the first steps of your life with you. She learns your moods and your looks before even you can understand them. She shows what's right and what's wrong. Even however big a mistake you might have done, she is there by your side to steer you in the right path again. She should be the reason for your smile and happiness.

I LOVE YOU MOM. I'll always be by your side no matter what happens. I'm doing all this for you. Thank you for being there for me..

Mother is the one we count on for the things that matter most of all.
- Katherine Butler Hathaway, "The Journals and Letters of the Little Locksmith" 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Losing yourself in the music...

For the past one week , the only song that's been on my mind is LOSE YOURSELF - EMINEM. The guy is a genius. He's great. All the other rappers, mostly rap about money, girls or fun. Whereas, Eminem raps about life, it's hardships and the pain and glory. He has been my life support through these tough times. When I mean tough times, I mean the pain and agony of parental pressure , exam pressure and all those sleepless nights.. He's there to tell me life isn't easy and this opportunity comes once in a lifetime. 

Yeah, he's true about this opportunity coming once in a life time. My life depends on it. I wrote my AILET test yesterday. Am terrified with the idea, the idea that , I may have screwed it up. I worked so hard and that dream going *poof* in front of your eyes is the worst feeling one can ever have to go through. I wish I did different, have a time machine to go back a few days and go prep again for it. But. the idea, the so-called wish of mine is so absurd. 

Success is my only mothaf****n' option, failure's not

Failure is not an option. I want a life of freedom, respect and fame. I need to be successful to prove to the world that my life was worth living and not just a waste of space. That I'm a achiever not a person who gives up. Life has been hard, but I ain't giving up that easy. 

I was playin' in the beginning, the mood all changed
I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage

I have more two more tests left to prove it out. I have huge dreams and my opportunity to prove them has come. And I'm going seize it no matter what it takes... If life is hard , I'll try even harder. This is my life. I won't sit in the shadows and let people take my decisions for me any more. I'm here to stay and not to walk away....!!!

This world is mine for the taking, make me queen