Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, I guess it was high time I wrote a beloved note in fond memory of the place I was born in...CHENNAI. Spent 18 years of my life there. The best places in Chennai are not your typical tourists spots but the places which people know little of. Chennai being the fourth most populous metropolitan area and the fifth most populous city in India, it is also the world's 36th largest metropolitan area.
Those are the typical facts you come to know about the city.. Lets take a look from my perspective :

1. The best way to travel through Chennai is by the local buses and trains. I hate  the crowds too,but you learn big lessons and meet the widest variety of people.(P.S It helps to smile rather than stare)

2.The best food of Chennai is not what you get in posh restaurants, but what you call "the galli food" or street food in English.. Walk the roads of places like Nanganallur, Marina beach or the Elliot's road to sample the best cuisine ever..(At least according to me )

3. The best place to hang out with your friends is the escalators of the big time malls in Chennai and the trial rooms of Lifestyle. Some of my cherished moments are from there.

4. The more you say you hate Chennai the more you actually fall in love with it.

Well this is just some of the few reasons why i love chennai so much. I miss it. Nothing to compare it with. Its still one of the best places in my list.


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