Friday, June 3, 2011


ABUSE in whichever form either physical or emotional is a crime against human nature or in other terms crime against humanity.According to Wikipedia, Abuse is the improper usage or treatment for a bad purpose, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit, physical or verbal maltreatment. There are so many types of abuses that a person comes across. The most common being the physical and verbal abuse which brings along with it the most famous emotional abuse.Every person in this world has gone through abuse at some point of their life. May it be verbal,peer,emotional or physical abuse,It's time we stood up and said ENOUGH....!! 

The story I am about to tell you is about a woman who plays the most important role in my life. She was born in a small town to a big family. They weren't a rich family but had a happy and contented life loving each other. Even now when I look back in their past, the love they had for each other never fails to bring a tear in my eye. The girl, the eldest of the family,grew up all too soon. Got employed to support her family.She,like every other girl in the world had dreams of finding her prince charming one day. And she did, little did she know, that the person was going to change her life forever. 
She met Mr.X when she was all of 18 years old. She was new in the business and way too naive to notice the seriousness of it. Maybe her good looks and brought him closer to her and all the promises he made were sure hell working on her. Just in a blink of the moment, both of them were married against all the objections. Little was she prepared for what was coming next..

The look of utter shock that showed in her face when she came to know he was already married to another women is a look she still remembers to date. She wanted to leave, run away from the mistake she had done by believing a man who was but a stranger to her.. Well. as they say fate just has something in store for everyone.. She was pregnant. She didn't want a child to be borne in this condition where, her husband didn't even want to let go of his first wife.The more she wanted to run away the more she was tortured and threatened  that she will lose her baby and he will take away all that was hers. She wasn't rich enough for a legal battle and her parents. they could do nothing but just stand in the sidelines and watch hopelessly. 

The years rolled by, she was abused verbally by her in-laws and beaten up by her husband and his wife. She couldn't see her own baby for three years. She was hospitalized with bruises, a broken jaw and fractured ribs just to name a few. And now. 18 years later, The situation is just as same as before with a few background changes.You may ask why she didn't fight back..?,why she put up with it for so long..? She tried her best to live everyday by looking at her daughter grow up. Her happiness was in her daughter's smile This is her story.

There are so many stories like this that you find across the globe. My aim is to help women like these get over their pain and stand up and fight. 'cause even a small step makes a huge impact..


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