Monday, September 5, 2011


"I walk this empty road,only one that I have ever known...". This is one line, which I can't get out of my head. Well, after 2 months here in Ahmedabad, the reality which I tried so hard to avoid, It is back to haunt me. Yes, I am alone again, I may be surrounded by dozens of known faces, yet inside, the emptiness fills. All I ever wanted, when I left Chennai was to "Never be let alone inside again". But i guess, my dreams are far from reality. This place is filled with the one thing I always feared, To be judged by how one looks, or what one wears rather than who they actually are. The real me, is just another shadow in the place filled with darkness- INVISIBLE

Well, this isn't a story about me.. but a peculiar story about two girls (peculiar because it doesn't have a ending..). Let me name them Atty and Bitty (I Know weird names.. couldn't think of anything else). Atty comes from a place where people had wealth, welfare and happiness with having money.Whereas, Bitty comes from a land where family comes first. You may think they are people so very different from each other- True, in a sense, But they did have one thing in common-love for attention, from their male counterparts. I met  them along. during my journey to attain freedom from my loneliness. Atty was the first one to meet me ,sticking by me , or you can say, using me until she found another flower to suck dry like a be. She wanted it all, fame,fortune and attention, She was rude and selfish filled with self consciousness and self pity

Bitty, the lesser known individual, was the most sweetest, bubbliest person you can ever meet.She was fun to listen to,but one can never be heard when she's around. But one thing corrupted her, the one thing both Atty and Bitty had in common, the word which in a bad way changes the whole world - ATTENTION

I guess I had to get involved in their lives, just to get more of the self-loathsomeness. I guess, I live by the lines of the song...

"I am just the kid, that no one cares about,
You just have to keep screaming till they hear you out....!!" 

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