Friday, September 23, 2011


Why does a person care? For the love of the other person, the genuine concern over that person… you know what.. BULLSHIT! It’s a f**kin’ lie. No one cares!! No one gives a damn what you want, who you are and what you want to be! That is REALITY,  instead of being a complaint box about it, you can live your life not bothering about what anyone says or does!

Well that’s easy only in paper. You were born to care about others, ask for some love from them. And when you don’t get what you actually need, it kills you. It’s like falling into a deep vast trench of emptiness, awaiting your impending death but then, death, like every other aspect of your life doesn’t want you. You’re stuck in the emptiness. That is, the worst thing you can ever feel.

All I ever wanted,(yeah, I sound a bit desperate) was someone to care for me, someone to hug me at times of need and tell me, ”Pratz, I’m there for you, I’ll make these nightmares go away” or a simple “I’m there for you” to take the pain away.

When you’ve lived your life with pain and suffering A single world of care will be like a hope, a hope to hold on to, A belief that there is light at the end of every dark tunnel, a belief that after every storm there is a rainbow.
But reality says different, it says “No one cares, No one needs you, you were born alone and you were meant to be that way.

“I’m just the kid that no one cares about, you just got to keep screaming till they hear you out...!!”

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  1. sumone really cares but the tragedy is not every1 is fortunate to meet or to understand that one....