Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prasad. a.k.a THE RAPPER

The most funniest thing selva told me about this dude was his famous dialouge "YO.. WORD, YO" So my first interpretation of it was He's a wanna-be RAPPER...!! yet when I talked to him the very next day.. found out he has transformed into an emo, listening up to rascal flatts. 

This is just one among the stories you will hear about the guy.. PRASAD. He's fun, kind , helpful blah blah.. all the same stuff you hear about everyone.. You may ask, what's so special about him that I decided to dedicate a blog entry for him..?? He's one of my BEST FRIEND FOREVERs . And when it comes to my BFFs they are special, no matter what. And not to mention the fact that he wanted one written * wink*.

We study in the same school and we are active FB users. He's the kinda guy you can trust with your life. And mind you, you don't find a lot of those  these days. He's like... ummm.. let me think..,  ROSS GELLER, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character..  He uses a lot of "umm's" "eh's" and all like typical stuff  ross geller does . I never imagined I would actually be friends with the guy but now he's the advice guy or my bestie as you may call it.

Life introduces you to a wide range of people but I'm glad  I met someone like him.

To Prasad, with love

this one's just for you...!! :)

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